IT Infrastructure


For public and common areas, Digital Public Address systems can be used to provide site-wide background music and audio paging from multiple sources at different locations and in different zones. These systems can be integrated with fire alarm systems and intruder alarm. While background music provides a relaxed environment in common areas, the audio could be used for information, dispersion and hazard notification. 

With wide range of product knowledge and solutions, we can offer sound reinforcement from small restaurants to large factories, from residential buildings to malls. Whether it is the industrial, commercial or residential sound system, it has the experience and expertise to implement it.


Distribution, scheduling, management and display of information or advertisements have become a major booster for businesses today. Digital information displays can highlight the important events and messages for customers and publics. And can display information (video, picture, flash and text) at any time on any screen of the network and add, if needed some user’s interactivity interfacing behind. 

Such systems have a wide variety of applications: 


The parking entry or parking management system is used to manage the parking facility effectively in a building or a campus or for generating revenue from a parking facility or providing high level security for parking in highly secure buildings or facilities.
Below are some commonly used systems:

The Automatic Barriers can be easily operated through

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